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About Iron Mike

I created 877ironmike.com to educate my customers about accurate metal values, the size of existing metal markets and the huge opportunities that exist in the exciting industry known as scrap metal recycling and processing.

As a professional scrap metal broker, I base my prices on world markets, not inventory.  So you can be confident in knowing you are getting the best value anywhere for your scrap metal.

Remember, scrap yards don't set prices, world markets do! With Iron Mike, you know ahead of time what you’ll be getting – and you’ll know it’s the best value.

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Iron Mike  IRON MIKE 


877ironmike.com is your metal marketing resource. It's like having a scrap metal broker on your staff full time. 877ironmike.com lets you have current market prices – so you have complete control of the sale. IRON MIKE takes the mystery out of your metal sales decision.
877ironmike.com was developed to only do one thing, "provide the greatest value for your scrap metal, guaranteed".

Mike knows the prices - grading - trends.

Mike is a full time scrap metal broker who knows prices - grading - trends. With Iron Mike, it's like having a full time scrap metal consultant on your staff. You don't need to know the scrap metal business; you just need to know Iron Mike.

Mission Statement:
IRON MIKE + Your Scrap Metal = More $ To You!
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