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Have you ever looked at a job that you thought would be easy and later found out it was a massive hassle?

Welcome to the world of demolition.

Demolition is booby-trapped with potential pitfalls from environmental and permitting, insurance and liability, ownership, debris removal, hazardous waste and fugitive dust. Oh...did I mention the local inspector who always shows up at the worst possible time.

By the way...you are trying to generate some money and not a large expense. Right?

That's where Iron Mike can be help. Iron Mike has consulted on hundreds demolition projects, many after the project is completed. Just because the demolition project is finished, it may not be done properly. Many times demolition projects come back to haunt the landowner and demolition company.

Avoid the hassles.

Call Iron Mike and we will be glad to consult with you on your next demolition project.

"My prices come with confidence included and we pick up! Guaranteed!"