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Iron Mike License

Becoming an Iron Mike licensed company affords you the opportunity to quickly enter the scrap metal industry. With the ability to make money on the first day, you'll enter with a thorough understanding of pricing and, more importantly, with the assistance of Iron Mike, an experienced industry veteran. After qualifying as a licensee, you will learn the techniques that I use every day to have fun and make money. Additionally, you'll be introduced to the Iron Mike marketing techniques and will be able to direct clients to a website and phone number in your licensed geographic region.

When you become a licensee, you will learn quickly how to make the biggest scrap processor in your area your best friend. I will show you how to successfully enter the scrap metal industry in your region and provide you with the guidance that you need to become an effective, profitable scrap business.

Learn more by contacting Iron Mike today at 877-IRONMIKE (877-476-6645) or email me at 877ironmike@sbcglobal.net.

"My prices come with confidence included and we pick up! Guaranteed!"