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Scrap Your Car

It's easy to scrap a junk car if you follow these five simple steps:

  1. Text 3-4 pictures of the car or truck to 248-444-4414.
  2. Remove all valuables from the car to be scrapped.
  3. Sign over the title and give it to your Iron Mike representative or driver. (Title cannot have any liens).
  4. Schedule delivery or a pick up appointment with Iron Mike.
  5. Get paid after Iron Mike receives the vehicle or as your State Scrap Law(s) require.

Turn your scrap car into cash and be confident in the knowledge that you are keeping it out of landfills and disposing of it in an environmentally responsible manner. Iron Mike's yards are clean, secure and run by professional recyclers who take pride in helping customers feel welcome. Iron Mike will help determine the correct value for your scrap materials.

Call Iron Mike Now for more details on how to scrap your car at 877-IRONMIKE

"My prices come with confidence included and we pick up! Guaranteed!"