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Frequently Asked Questions

How much scrap metal do we need to get a pick-up?

We want your scrap. Please call 877 IRONMIKE (877.476.6645). Each call will be evaluated to determine the best way to get the scrap metal to market.

Do you accept brass for recycling?

Yes, we accept scrap brass for recycling and pay top prices.

Do you take all metals?

Iron Mike buys copper, brass, aluminum, steel and iron-some plastics too

Do you accept stainless steel for recycling?

Yes, we accept scrap stainless steel for recycling and pay top prices.

How do I know the current prices?

Scrap metal prices change all the time. Refer to the price tab on the home page.

Do you accept copper wire for recycling?

Yes, we accept scrap copper wire for recycling and pay top prices. "If It's Metal, I Want It. Some Plastics too!"

Do you offer scrap car collections?

Yes, we can arrange to collect your scrap car, please call to make arrangements.

What prices do you pay for scrap metal?

Scrap metal prices change daily. Metals are traded on the commodity market and the prices we show as "Iron Mike Market Prices" for scrap metal reflect the price,in some cases reflect what we are able to sell it for.

Is there a minimum amount of scrap metal you’d buy?

No, if you are bringing your scrap metal to us there is no minimum amount that we will accept; there is no maximum either!

Do you offer regular scrap metal collections?

Yes. If you have a regular amount of scrap metal or too much to bring to us, we can arrange to collect it. Please call us to arrange for us to collect your scrap metal.

Will Iron Mike do on site scrap metal pick-up?

Yes, Iron Mike will come to your site and pick up the scrap metal for you. If you cannot load, Iron Mike can load it for you!

Do you supply boxes and bins?

Yes. If you manufacture a regular and/or bulk amounts of scrap metal, we can arrange to supply you with an appropriately sized box or bin and coordinate for its regular delivery and pick-up, or ad-hoc when full of scrap metal.

What is Thermo Niton Metal-Alloy Analysis?

Thermo Niton Metal-Alloy Analysis is a tool that Iron Mike uses to identify the type of scrap metal that you have. By using x-ray fluorescence we are able to provide you with lab quality results in no time at all.

How do I go about setting up a pick-up?

We have full customer service staff at each location to assist you in scheduling you for a pick-up. Just give us a call! 877-IRONMIKE (877.476.6645)

Do you recycle copper?

Yes, we accept scrap copper for recycling and pay top prices.

Do you go to homes?

We provide our unique service to all job sites; this would include residential and business construction sites, warehouses and factories. We have a large fleet of trucks and are always on the move. Some restrictions apply.

Do you accept steel for recycling?

Yes, we accept scrap steel for recycling and pay top prices.

"My prices come with confidence included and we pick up! Guaranteed!"