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Old Farms Can Be a Scrap Metal Goldmine

Scrap Metal on Farm

At the height of the harvest season, many farmers end up replacing their worn, broken and rusted equipment. Those old tractors, combines, plows and irrigation systems, however, have a surprising amount of value! With a little patience – and some help from Iron Mike! – you can turn your harvest time into a doubly profitable season. Today, we’re going to look at why – and how – you can turn that dilapidated machinery into cold, hard cash.

Clear space is usable space

If you’ve got unused equipment cluttering up your land, selling that equipment won’t just yield an immediate payoff, it’ll give you more workable land next season. Even if you’re not a farmer yourself, you can visit a local farm, pitch the benefits of removal and take home a nice chunk of change for any scrap iron, steel or copper implements that you find.

Supplement your harvest

No matter the yield of your harvest, a little extra cash can go a long way towards preparing you for next season. You can pour your scrap metal money into new equipment, upgraded facilities or you can use it to pal around town and make new friends. We know what we’d do, but hey, with the scrap value of old farming equipment, you might be able to choose a couple of options!

Heavy, old farm machinery is valuable

This probably goes without saying, but old, heavy farm equipment tends to be the most valuable. In modern times, we’ve moved towards smaller form factors and lightweight materials. However, those old 1960s flails, threshing machines, plows and parts were built to last. Made of solid metal, they’re the perfect candidate for scrapping. As scrapyards usually pay by the pound, their value is absolutely in their weight.

At Iron Mike, we’ve been in the scrap metal business for over a quarter of a century. We’ve seen all manner of equipment at our yard and, we’re telling you… that old farming equipment is a goldmine. We understand your concerns, we encourage you to give us a call so we can talk over your options and discuss the value of what you’ve got. Then, when you’re ready, schedule a scrap metal pick-up… we’ll do the heavy lifting, you do the heavy spending!

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