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5 Unexpected Scrap Metal Jackpots

scrap metal

When you find yourself in a scrapping rut, it’s easy to fall back on familiar scrap metal sources. Whether you’re scouring CraigsList, searching dumpsters or hitting up garage sales, if your usual sources are drying up, it’s time to start looking for new items in new places. But where should you should start? Well, if you’re noticing a lot of competition in your area, it might be wise to start looking in unexpected places. Today, we’re going to look at five surprising scrap metal goldmines.

Patio Furniture

After a long winter, you’d be shocked at how many people realize they forgot to weatherize or cover their patio furniture. Once the snow has lifted, a quick drive through residential neighborhoods can often reveal stacks of discarded aluminum patio furniture lining the curb.


The food industry goes through piles of metal cookware every year. The most common item, disposable aluminum baking pans, can yield a decent return if you collect enough of them. The best finds, however, are warped copper or stainless steel pans.

Household Appliances

If you keep an eye out for renovations at local apartment complexes, you can often score a number of scrap metal items, among these are a range of household appliances. From dated toasters to broken refrigerators, the possibilities are almost endless.

Bullet Casings

If your local scrapyard buys brass, you can earn big bucks by collecting spent casings at a local gun range. Not only will you find thousands of casings, the range owner will be more than happy to let you clean the grounds for them!


Brass, steel, aluminum and more… locks are made from a variety of metals. If you live near a locksmith, you might drop in and ask to buy – or have – any broken locks that they’ve removed.

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