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The Many Reasons for Scrapping Metal

Scrap Metal Buyer in Detroit

Recycling scrap metal makes a lot of sense both environmentally and economically. The scrap metal industry is a perfect example of a circular economy. A circular economy means that goods are manufactured with the intent of being used for as long as possible and once their functionality passes, they are broken down and reused to make newly functional goods. In this post we’ll look at the many ways scrap metal is used after it’s recycled.

Common uses

  • Construction industry – recycled iron and aluminum are being used extensively to build bridges and other pieces of infrastructure.
  • Transportation industry –where automobiles and aircraft are manufactured, uses many different varieties of scrap metal for various components.
  • Containers – most containers used for industrial purposes are made from recycled materials.
  • Appliances – many commercial and residential appliances are made with scrap metal.
  • Recently, scrap metal has begun to be used to remove toxins from industrial wastewater
  • Through varying heating processes, different types of recycled scrap metals can be made into high quality metallic products.

Environmental and economical benefits

  • The need for mining natural resources is reduced
  • Recycled scrap metal is much less expensive than new metal
  • Recycled scrap metal has a lower melting point than virgin metals, which means that the heating process uses less energy and carbon dioxide emissions, as well.
  • Scrapping metal directly reduces the size of garbage dumps and landfills
  • Through the use of recycled steel (other metals are very close to this, as well) there is an approximate 85% reduction in air pollution, a 40% reduction in water use, and a 75% reduction in water pollution.

At Iron Mike in Detroit, we aren’t just in the scrap metal business for financial gain. We believe in the circular economy and that too many things that have reuse potential are discarded into landfills. If you have been looking for an experienced, trusted scrap metal buyer in Detroit, give us a call today!

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