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Want to Make More Money Scrapping? Cut the Cords!

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Did you know that, on average, you can get about 15% more for your scrap copper cords? What’s the trick? What’s the secret? Well, it’s simple: cut and strip them! With many electronic devices and electrical appliances utilizing copper cords, these items can be a treasure trove, if handled properly. Of course, the thicker the wire’s gauge, the more money that you stand to make. A thin electrical wire? Probably not worth your time. Thick, heavy degaussing cable? You may be able to double your take. In this post, we’re going to give you a few tips on how to find worthwhile cables and, more importantly, how to maximize the amount of money that you get out of them.

1. Look for thick cords

While it’s not always guaranteed, looking for thicker cords is a good rule of thumb. The more copper inside, the more valuable it is. Unfortunately, many cords and wires have weight hidden in their jackets and insulation so, like many things in the scrap world, locating the most valuable types may be a process of trial and error.

2. Have a utility knife handy

A good way to test the thickness of your cable’s insulation is with a utility knife. Saving you the trouble of painstakingly removing the cable’s jacket and insulation, it can give you an immediate, tactile sense of the cable’s thickness and, by extension, its value.

3. Keep a journal

No, we don’t mean a dream journal, we mean a scrapping journal! If you find a particularly valuable length of scrap cable, note its source and value in your journal. This way, when you stumble upon a similar item in the future, you can know – with certainty – what its value is.

At Iron Mike, we have grown to become the premier scrap metal buyer in Detroit. Paying top dollar for your scrap metal, we pride ourselves on having the most current price list and, above all else, keeping our customers informed and educated. So, if you’ve got a pile of scrap in your back yard – or hidden in the depths of your home – contact us today to discuss how you can transform that unsightly pile into cold, hard cash!

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