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Top Tips to Ensure You Have a Successful Scrap Metal Search

Scrap Metal Buyer in Detroit

When you’re just starting out with scrapping, it can be tough keeping up with all of the latest news, developments and methods. Whether you’re driving around neighborhoods looking for discarded metal or you’re out on a mission hitting up local businesses, it pays to have a goal defined and a plan in place. Thankfully, Iron Mike is a pro when it comes to scrap metal and, even better, we’re going to share a few easy tips with you today that will help you ensure that your next scrap metal search is successful.

Find a favorite

If you’re starting out, one of the first things you should do is discover a specialty or favorite. Find a particular type of scrap metal that is prevalent in your area and hunt it out specifically. Maybe you live near large apartment complexes and constantly see discarded grills. Or, maybe you’re in a highly industrial area and notice large amounts of screw, nuts and bolts being thrown away. Either way: find out where the moneymakers are and seek them out.

Watch for seasonal scrap

As we mentioned above, grills are a great option and tend to pop up in the winter. In the summer, you’ll likely run in to discarded hoses, which have brass fittings. In the spring – at the height of “spring cleaning,” you’ll likely see a lot of broken vacuum cleaners, which can house several types of valuable metal.

At Iron Mike, we take scrapping seriously. As the most dedicated scrap metal buyer in Detroit, we want to keep our customers informed and happy. Paying more than our competitors and using the most up-to-date pricing lists available, we guarantee that you won’t find a more knowledgeable and forthright scrapyard in the area. So, if you’ve got a pile of metal gathering dust in your garage – or you’re actively seeking out scrap metal – be sure to contact us to ensure that you get the most for your money!

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