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Scrap Your Car

If you’ve got a rusted, unusable vehicle sitting in front of your house, leaking fluids all over your driveway, you’ve probably felt the urge to scrap your car. Not only can it free up some of that premium driveway space, scrapping your car can put a wad of cold, hard cash in your hands! Even better, you can feel good about responsibly disposing of your vehicle in a clean, environmentally responsible way! In this post, we’re going to look at how Iron Mike can help you scrap your car and earn some cash!

1. Text some pictures

First, snap a few photos of your vehicle and text them to Iron Mike at 248-444-4414.

2. Clear your vehicle

Next, get all the valuables – and not-so-valuables – out of your car. You wouldn’t want to scrap your car only to realize you left your wallet or irreplaceable music collection inside!

3. Sign over the title

Locate your title and sign it over to your Iron Mike representative or driver. If you can’t find your title, you may need to take a trip your local DMV to replace it.

4. Schedule an appointment

Give us a call or contact us through our website to schedule your appointment. You can choose to drop your vehicle off or, if necessary, we can send someone over to get it.

5. Get paid!

After we’ve received your vehicle – and all State Scrap Laws have been followed – we’ll pay you the agreed upon price for your scrap vehicle!

At Iron Mike, we aim to make life easy for our customers. Beyond being a scrap metal yard, we understand that we’re in the service industry. If you’ve been looking to scrap your vehicle, contact us today to discuss how we can make the transaction easy, fast and effective!

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