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Who Can Make a Buck with Iron Mike?

Scrap Metal Buyer

First, let’s cover one thing up front:  Here’s who CAN’T make a buck with Iron Mike:  Anyone who thinks he can get rich quick by stealing copper.  Mike’s not buying it.  Don’t risk it.  Don’t be the subject of the next headline … you saw the one … “Man electrocuted trying to steal power line.”  And you won’t get anywhere with stolen plumbing, either.  Mike’s on to you.  If not electrocuted, you will be prosecuted. 

So, who CAN make a Buck with Iron Mike?  Odds are, YOU can. 

Small Business:  You have scrap metal or plastic materials.  It’s taking up space, or you’re throwing it in the dumpster.  Maybe you’ve even paid someone to haul it away.  Free up space, reduce expenses, and create a new revenue stream with Iron Mike.  A visit to Iron Mike’s website, www.877ironmike.com, will help you gauge the value of your scrap.  Then you can arrange for pickup or take it to a yard yourself.  Save time, save space, and make money with Iron Mike. 

Large Business:  Big business is competitive.  You have to be on top of material prices, whether you’re buying or selling.  Purchasing agents have discovered the industry's best scrap metal buyer, and use Mike’s site for the latest, most accurate pricing information available anywhere.  Follow Comex and LME primary metal prices, along with specialty alloy prices, on Mike’s website.  You’ll be be confident that you're getting the absolute best prices possible for your scrap metal!

Scrap Car:  Have you got a car that’s too far gone to trade or sell?  It’s not much of a yard decoration, and those fluids leaking on the ground aren’t doing you any favors, either.  Don’t pay to have it towed away, get paid to get it gone!

Demolition:  This one gets a little complex.  Check my website, or check back here for a future blog.

Scrappers:  Turn spare time into spare money.  More in a future post. 

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