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Stay Safe and Scrap Metal: Tips from Iron Mike

Scrap Metal

The world of scrap metal can be challenging and, if the proper procedures aren’t followed, even dangerous. It’s easy to overlook a few very simple, very easy safety precautions that will help you avoid serious injuries during your scrapping adventures. At Iron Mike, we pride ourselves on helping our customers get the most money for their scrap. But, we believe it’s equally important to educate our customers, to keep them safe in the field, and to ensure that they’re taking all the steps necessary to avoid injury. In today’s post, we’re going to give you a few safety tips.

Be aware of your surroundings

Whether you’re sifting through scrap metal at the junkyard or you’re sorting through old equipment at an estate sale, it pays to be aware of your surroundings. Pay close attention to sharp, exposed metal and jagged edges, as those are the most common sources of injury.

Use common sense

If something seems too large or too awkward to life: don’t lift it! Beyond getting injured by dropping it and cutting yourself, you could easily pull a muscle, injure your back, or cause any number of injuries.

Use the right tools

Whether you’re using a dolly, a hoist, or a wagon, it’s important to know what you’ll need and prepare beforehand. If you’re planning a scrapping trip, make a list of what you hope to find and then pack accordingly.

At Iron Mike, our goal is to help all of our customers get the most money possible for their scrap metal. If you’ve been searching for a reliable, honest, and trustworthy buyer of scrap metal in Detroit, we encourage you to reach out to us today to discuss our pricing, our philosophy, and how we can help.

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