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Cutting Cords and Making Money with the Leading Scrap Metal Buyer in Detroit

Scrap Metal Buyer in Detroit

If you’ve been doing business with Iron Mike, the leading scrap metal buyer in Detroit, you know that we take scrapping seriously. Our goal is to get our customers as much money as possible for their scrap metal, discarded appliances, old equipment, unused vehicles, and cords. What most people don’t know, though, is that they’re leaving money on the table when they sell their cords. By cutting and stripping your scrap metal cords, you can get an average of about 15% more when you sell them. In today’s post, we’re going to look at how you can get the most for your scrap cords.

Bigger is better

When it comes to cords, bigger is better and thicker is more valuable. Obviously, the worthwhile part of the cord is hidden underneath the insulation and jacketing. The goal is to find thick, heavy, and rigid cords that contain a lot of copper while avoiding thin, spindly, or over-insulated cords that have little to no value.

Cut and inspect

When you find a cord that looks worthwhile, have wire strippers or a utility knife handy. Cut the cord and inspect the inside: is there a thick band of copper running through it? Or is it stuffed with fibrous insulation that inflates its weight and decreases its value?

Maintain records

If you find a cord that looks valuable, write it down! Write down where it came from, what it was attached to, and how much was present. This way, you can note its value when you sell it and, more importantly, search it out in the future if it turns out to be a goldmine!

At Iron Mike, we didn’t become the top scrap metal buyer in Detroit by resting on our laurels. We’ve put some serious work into getting our customers the most money possible. If you’ve been searching for a scrapyard that’ll pay top dollar for your scrap metal, be sure to visit us today!

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