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Onsite Alloy Analysis

Thermo Niton onsite metal-alloy analysisDo Not Sell Your Scrap Metal—Until You Know What It Is!!

At Iron Mike, we have Thermo Niton onsite metal-alloy analysis available.

Iron Mike's onsite alloy-analysis utilizes advanced thermo niton instruments, which allow us to deliver lab-quality results in a fraction of the time, while still affording us the same amount of accuracy.

Our devices use x-ray fluorescence analyzers, which allows us to take quick and accurate measurements anywhere and anytime. We can identify your scrap metal in no time at all. With this device we are able to:

  • Simultaneously test for up to 30 elements in seconds, with positive grade identification based on calculated composition
  • Be sure your material does not leave your facility until you know what it is
  • Take accurate readings in the harshest of production environments

If you don't sell your metals to me, we both lose money! About 225,000 tons of scrap metal are traded in the Metro Detroit area every month. A huge percentage of this scrap metal is graded, separated and priced improperly. Your scrap metal is worth more than you think! And because our prices are based on world markets, they come with confidence included.

"My prices come with confidence included and we pick up! Guaranteed!"