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About Iron Mike

We are the Market is your metal marketing resource. It's like having a scrap metal broker on your staff full time. lets you have current market prices – so you have complete control of the sale. IRON MIKE takes the mystery out of your metal sales decision.

History: was developed to only do one thing, "provide the greatest value for your scrap metal, guaranteed".

Mike knows the prices - grading - trends.

Mike is a full time scrap metal broker who knows prices - grading - trends. With Iron Mike, it's like having a full time scrap metal consultant on your staff. You don't need to know the scrap metal business; you just need to know Iron Mike.

Mission Statement: IRON MIKE + Your Scrap Metal = More $ to You!

CAll: 877-Ironmike (877-476-6645)
Fax: 248-615-1316

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