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REMEMBER: "Scrap yards do not set prices, world markets do!" Sell your metals like the pros.877IRONMIKE.COM announces the "IRON MIKE Scrap Metal Dealer Network.

The network can buy, sell or place your industrial or commercial scrap, anywhere in North America, direct to mills, processors or even end users (usable or surplus metals).

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My scrap metal prices come with confidence included.

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877IRONMIKE.COM is a professional scrap metal resource for those who want no part of the typical scrap yard nightmare. As a truly professional resource, he publishes his prices using Market Forces and Trends. That means the scrap metal prices you get come from facts not guesswork or the status of a scrap-yard’s inventory.

Scrap Metal Optimization (S.M.O.) Look through this web site and you will get a good idea of the scrap metal values you can expect. By knowing current scrap metal prices, markets and trends, ahead of time, you have complete control of the scrap metal sale. You can be confident that you are getting the best value anywhere for your scrap metal.

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