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Metal Prices

Ferrous Scrap MetalMarket PriceYour Price *
Scrap #1 Busheling$270 gt$230 gt
Scrap #1 Baling$210 gt$170 gt
Scrap #2 Baling$190 gt$150 gt
Scrap Plate and Struct 2'x 5'$200 gt$160 gt
Scrap Plate and Struct scrap (unprep)$160 gt$130 gt
Scrap Heavy Melt 2'x 5'$160 gt$120 gt
Scrap Heavy Melt scrap (unprep)$130 gt$100 gt
Scrap automobiles (must have title)$100 gt$80 gt
Scrap Auto Cast$200 gt$160 gt
Scrap Yard Cast(breakable)$100 gt$80 gt
Scrap Sheet Iron$100 gt$70 gt
Scrap #1 Shredder FragCallCall
Scrap Engine Block (clean)$140 gt$80 gt
Scrap Engine Block (dirty)$130 gt$80 gt
Scrap Punchings$200 gt$150 gt
Scrap Turnings (C & D)CAllCall
Scrap Borings$100 gt$60 gt
Scrap Aluminum Bearing Steel(smelter ready)$0.22 lb$0.10 lb
Scrap Machinery (high yield cast)$100 gt$70 gt
Scrap Racks and Bins$80 gt$60 gt
Scrap Random length rail (W/docs)$160 gt$110 gt
Scrap OTM (W/docs)$160 gt$110 gt
Scrap Crushed Cars (Full trailer loads)CallCall
Non-Ferrous Scrap MetalMarket PriceYour Price *
Scrap Bare Bright Copper$2.42 lb.$2.10 lb.
Scrap #1 Copper$2.37 lb. $2.00 lb.
Scrap #2 Copper$2.13 lb.$1.89 lb.
Scrap insul Hvy #1 copper Wire 85% Recovery$1.75 lb.$1.50 lb.
Scrap insulated Light Wire 50% Recovery$0.85 lb.$0.60 lb.
Scrap EDM Wire$1.85 lb.$1.61 lb.
Scrap Brass (hard) low lead$2.31 lb.$2.10 lb.
Scrap copper Rads$1.70 lb.$1.66 lb.
Scrap Brass (red)$2.15 lb.$2.00 lb.
Scrap Brass (yellow)$1.48 lb.$1.30 lb.
Scrap copper Rads (w/ light attach)$1.32 lb.$1.20 lb.
Scrap Rod Brass$1.82 lb.$1.60 lb.
Scrap Cupro-NickelCAllCall
Scrap Soft Lead (clean)$0.61 lb.$0.51 lb.
Scrap Wheel Weights$0.30 lb.$0.22 lb.
Scrap Ampco Bronze$1.70 lb.$1.50 lb.
Scrap Electric Motors$0.26 lb.$0.20 lb.
Scrap Batteries$0.32 lb.$0.22 lb.
Scrap Aluminum Siding$0.60 lb.$0.50 lb.
Scrap New Cast Aluminum$0.58 lb$0.50 lb
Scrap Old Cast Aluminum$0.54 lb$0.43 lb
Scrap Old Sheet Aluminum$0.47 lb$0.40 lb
Scrap MLCC$0.61 lb$0.51 lb
Scrap Aluminum Wheels (clean)$0.70 lb$0.60 lb
Scrap Aluminum Wheels (w/ attachments)$0.68 lb$0.55 lb
Scrap Auto Rads$0.55 lb$0.44 lb
Scrap Alum. Extrusions$0.75 lb$0.65 lb
Scrap Alum. Extrusions (w/ attachments)$0.63 lb$0.52 lb
Scrap Aluminum Turnings$0.40 lb$0.32 lb
Scrap Aluminum Breakage$0.20 lb$0.14 lb
Scrap Litho Sheet$0.68 lb$ .57 lb
Scrap Alum-CU Rads(clean)$1.30 lb$1.18 lb
Scrap Aluminum Insulated Wire$0.30 lb$0.23 lb
Nickel Alloy Scrap MetalMarket PriceYour Price *
Prime Nickel$5.73 lb$5.50 lb
Scrap Ni Solids (clean)$5.80 lb$5.00 lb
Scrap 304 (18-8)$0.48 lb$0.40 lb
Scrap 304 (18-8) Turnings$0.40 lb$0.30 lb
Scrap 316 (16-10)$0.60 lb$0.55 lb
Scrap 316 (16-10) Turnings$0.51 lb$0.49 lb
Scrap 409-410 Solids$0.16 lb$0.12 lb
Scrap Inconel 600CALLCALL
Scrap Inconel 625CALLCALL
Scrap Inconel 718CALLCALL
Scrap Cobalt-NickelCALLCALL
Scrap Carbide Insert$10.00 lb$9.00 lb
Scrap Carbide Drills and Reamers (no steel)$9.00 lb$7.50 lb
Scrap ColumbiumCALLCALL
Scrap Hastoloy C (Air melt)CALLCALL
Scrap Hastoloy X (Air melt)CALLCALL
Scrap MolybdenumCALLCALL
Scrap NiobiumCALLCALL
Scrap Tantalum (Air-Vac melt)CALLCALL
Scrap Tungsten 99.9%CALLCALL
Scrap Tungston CarbideCALLCALL
Scrap WaspaloyCALLCALL
Scrap Titanium 6-4 ClipsCALLCALL

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* DELIVERED TO YARD, MINIMUM WEIGHTS APPLY TO ALL METAL AND PLASTIC TRANSACTIONS* - The scrap metal prices displayed on this website can and will change without notice. should be used as a reference only and does not purchase scrap metals. Metal Prices USA, LLC. or any authorized, licensed, scrap processor, may pick up your scrap material or cause your scrap material to be picked up by a third party. The prices DO NOT include deductions for transporting, sorting, loading, operating equipment, commissions paid to Metal Prices USA, LLC. or others and or a % of gross sale, proceeds or material, paid to broker as agreed. Minimum weights for pick up service apply. Metal Prices USA, LLC. or other third party licensed facilities' grading, weights, and adjustments will govern all scrap metal transactions. "Best Price Guarantee" and "Iron Mike's Price Guarantee" refers to the highest value starting point (Market or Near Market Value, based on that days listed price, using several industry sources and perceived market directions for any metal listed on this website, on any particular hour, day, week or month), before the deductions mentioned above. * NOT ALL TRUCKS ARE EQUIPPED WITH SCALES.

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