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Spring Cleaning, Extra Cash, and the Best Scrap Metal Buyer in Detroit

Scrap Metal Buyer in Detroit

With winter on its way out, it’s that time of year again… the time where everyone heaves an audible groan and starts clearing out their garages, attics, workshops, and closets. Hauling out old electronics, broken Christmas lights, busted appliances, and abandoned projects, it’s not uncommon to see a wealth of scrap sitting along the roadside… and we do mean a wealth. With all of that metal – potential money – sitting around just waiting for someone to collect it, it’s essential that you work with a reputable scrap metal buyer in Detroit, one who uses the most current metal market prices, and one who will work with you in a straightforward, upfront, and honest way. In today’s post, we’re going to discuss how Iron Mike delivers the best service and – more importantly – the best prices.

The most current prices

Iron Mike only uses the most current metal prices. We’re constantly checking the market, adjusting our payouts, and working with our customers to get them the most money possible for their scrap metal. Whether you have copper pipes, gold-plated electronics, or aluminum plates, we’re confident you won’t find a better price anywhere in Detroit.

Count on our experience

With over a quarter of a century’s worth of experience as a scrap metal buyer in Detroit, Iron Mike is the area’s expert. When we look at scrap, we understand what we’re looking at: that dated equipment, those old car parts… they aren’t just “scrap” in our eyes, they’re cold, hard cash.

At Iron Mike, we strive to be Detroit’s most trusted scrapyard. Whether you’re looking to offload a small bundle of scrap or an entire truckload, we’re confident that we will give you a fair quote, based on the most up-to-date metal prices. If you’ve been searching for the area’s best scrap metal buyer, look no further: Iron Mike is here!

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